DPOPlus for Insurers

Helping insurers improve quantifiable risk profiling and defend any claims.

Since the introduction of the GDPR, the ICO has been inundated by data protection queries and complaints, so it is no wonder that it has fallen behind. But this backlog is shifting, and there is no doubt that the ICO’s position will improve and fines will follow.

But, when it comes to insurance policies and protection from this threat, risk is often established via self- assessment. This gives little transparency as to the robustness of an organisation’s control framework, or its measurable compliance.So, very often, the actual risk of a claim remains unknown. And, should a breach occur, the intelligence needed to ensure a rapid and robust defence is lacking. Furthermore, the cost of gathering this intelligence is high.

Helping insurers to lower their exposure to this risk, our AI-driven digital service can examine and assess each client’s level of compliance.

Providing insurers with a risk-rated review that can be relied on, our service:

  • Replicates manual audit functions automatically, for a fraction of the cost and time
  • Returns a CMM Maturity rating for each element of a client’s control framework
  • Provides an overview of the framework to allow better pricing
  • Shows where the framework is weak or requires issues to be addressed
  • Offers practical solutions to the client on how to tackle any weaknesses, including direct support if needed
  • Helps insurers to remain competitive, with the ability to provide future cost reductions based upon any framework improvements, should they so desire.

Coupled with our full range of innovative solutions, DPOPlus reduces data risk exposure, and manages and improves mitigation along the way.

About DPOPlus

The true cost of GDPR governance is often understated. DPOPlus offers a range of complementary services which provide an affordable answer to the issue of data protection.

Combing the power of AI and the cloud, and informed by real-world experience of business governance, process improvement, data protection, information security and solicitor-led expertise, our services make compliance simpler, repeatable, and more robust.What’s more, rather than general advice, by continually evolving to changes, our AI-based services also reflect and respond to developing legislation, information governance best practices, claimant behaviours and the performance of the ICO. This allows us to apply an understanding of each client’s business and wider industry. And, this context ensures companies receive practical, relevant and easy to follow guidance that offers details on how to make any necessary improvements to reduce risk.

Crucially, all DPOPlus services work alongside an organisation’s existing processes. So they don’t have to re-engineer what they already have.

The service supplied by DPOPlus could be a prerequisite to policy applications or white labelled and seamlessly added to your digital offer.

Our services help to:

  • Decrease the cost and burden of effective governance
  • Continually improve governance framework and controls
  • Reduce the risk of a data protection related incident occurring in the first place
  • Mitigate the impact should the worst happen
  • Keep organisations safe from data privacy issues, challenges and claims.

Key benefits of DPOPlus

Value for money

Because we use innovative AI technology, we can offer effective data governance at an affordable

Peace of mind

Where something has gone wrong, we provide solicitor-led expertise to ensure a quick and effective resolution.

Bespoke advice

We reject the idea of one-size-fits-all. Tailored to each client’s needs, we provide advice specific to them, their industry, and their situation.

Pragmatic solutions

We don’t just tell clients why they need to make improvements; we also provide practical guidance that shows them how to do it.

Simple to use

Our services work alongside our clients’ existing processes. So they don’t have to re-engineer what they already have.


ISO27001 certified we have a rigorous approach to security design that complies with the latest ICO guidance and data protection regulations.

Our Data Protection Services

Reducing the cost and time of meeting SARs, while keeping you secure and compliant.
Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) Combining AI with a dedicated DPO, we provide effective data governance at an affordable price.
All the tools, guidance, documentation and support you need to achieve GDPR compliance quickly.
Free and subscription virtual support, available 24/7 to answer a wide range of data protection questions.
24/7 AI based phone support, and a hotline for subscription customers.
A free guide to help your organisation navigate and understand its data protection responsibilities.
A handy decision tool to help you find out whether appointing a DPO is something you need to do.
Custom data protection alerts based on who you are, what you do, and the changes that will affect you.
Where something has gone wrong, we also provide solicitor-led expertise to ensure an effective response that stops a bad situation from escalating.