DPO As A Service

Get help with compliance, security awareness training, data breaches and much more with an outsourced DPO

If you want to ensure GDPR compliance, it’s crucial that you appoint a DPO with experience and expertise in data protection law.

With access to a dedicated DPO (either remotely or in-house) and a wealth of specialist support, tools and resources, our service provides you with real-world practical advice tailored to your needs.

Supporting our DPO service, we also offer a range of innovative  AI tools such as access to bespoke, 24/7 advice to ensure effective data governance at an affordable price.

And, as well as helping you to fast-track compliance, we also keep you up to date with an annual data protection audit.

Together, our services ensure your businesses meets its statutory requirements while providing extraordinary resilience.

Key benefits

  • Achieve and maintain GDPR compliance quickly and easily
  • Get real-world practical advice tailored to your needs
  • Access a library of data protection templates, custom alerts and 24/7 AI support
  • Continually improve your governance framework and controls
  • Keep costs low

What is a DPO?

Under the GDPR, organisations must appoint a data protection officer (DPO) if they are a public authority or body, or if they carry out certain types of processing activities, including the processing of special categories of data.

If you need to appoint a DPO, our Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) is an affordable way to meet your statutory requirement, while providing your business with extraordinary resilience.


How our DPOaaS service works

For one affordable monthly fixed fee:

  • We establish if you require a DPO
  • If you do, we provide a dedicated DPO with expert knowledge of data protection law. We also help you to register DPOPlus as your designated DPO with the ICO
  • If you do not need a DPO, we may recommend a range of standalone services designed to boost your GDPR compliance
  • Your designated DPO carries out a data protection consultation to establish your needs. This will determine where improvements are required
  • Your DPO works a set amount of hours (informed by our consultation and agreed by you) either remotely or fully in-house to ensure improvements are made. These hours can be scaled up or down in response to your changing needs
  • Your dedicated DPO works with our multi-disciplinary team of data protection specialists, including EU-certified GDPR practitioners, solicitors, cybersecurity and business process management consultants to help make operational, physical and legal improvements to your business

You get access to document templates, 24/7 AI-based support, and custom alerts which provide tailored advice specific to you, your industry, and your situation.

DPOaaS packages

  • Outsourced DPO. A dedicated DPO where this role is legally required, and you don’t have the resources, experience or desire to appoint an existing employee.
  • DPO support. A range of services designed to assist your in-house DPO, or provide GDPR peace of mind and reassurance where you are not legally obliged to appoint a DPO.

DPOPlus Support Services

As well a dedicated DPO, we also offer a range of supplementary tools that provide tailored advice specific to you, your industry, and your situation. These services are also available to assist your in-house DPO, or provide GDPR peace of mind and reassurance where you are not legally obliged to appoint a DPO.

Free and subscription virtual support, available 24/7 to answer a wide range of data protection questions.
24/7 AI based phone support, and a hotline for subscription customers.
A free guide to help your organisation navigate and understand its data protection responsibilities.


Custom data protection alerts based on who you are, what you do, and the changes that will affect you.

*At present, this service is only available to DPOaaS customers.

DPOPlus at a glance

  • AI technology. Our AI-platform reflects and responds to developing legislation, IG best practices, claimant behaviours and the performance of the ICO
  • Real-world insight. Our services are informed by real-world experience of business governance, process improvement, data protection, information security and solicitor-led expertise
  • A secure solution. ISO 27001 certified, we have a rigorous approach to security design that complies with the latest ICO guidance and data protection regulations.