Charlie Muir

Charlie has been at the forefront of the GDPR implementation since inception, a skilled practitioner (ECPC-B DPO, Maastricht University Faculty of Law) Charlie has been designing and implementing data protection frameworks since 2016.

Working with a wide range of organisations, across multiple sectors in the UK, EU and overseas. Charlie has an in-depth working knowledge of the legislation, the expectations of the ICO and the challenges organisations face when implementing the necessary controls around protecting their data. He has the knowledge and wisdom to help you make the best possible decisions around your risk mitigation.

Charlie also benefits from his experience in IT, with over a decade of direct leadership, combined with twelve years of legal IT experience, with 4 of the Top 30 UK law firms.

Charlie understands the wider business environment and the social and political challenges that complexity can bring. He can alter his approach to bring the best outcomes whatever the audience and brings gravitas to the theme of data (which we appreciate is not always an inspiring subject) to bring it alive for the senior leaders who inevitably need to understand the challenge this legislation brings.

Charlie can bring a wealth of knowledge to bear on your problems, and if you require all the solutions can integrate fully with your management framework structures.